Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Sani Tips be cleaned?
Sani Tips can be cleaned while on the go with soap and water, Alcohol Swipes, dishwasher, and is best cleaned with warm or hot water.
What are they made out of?
Sani Tips have an exterior plastic hard shell to isolate germs and bacteria. The Inner Finger Tip is made out of silicone.
How can the Sani Tip be secured?
Sani Tips come with a loop ring that can be secured to a keychain, purse, or belt loop.
How long does it take to get the product?
We will ship within 1-2 business days.
Do Sani Tips work on Point Of Sale systems?
Yes, Sani Tips work on most POS systems.
Does the Silicone Tip fall out of the cup easily?
No, the inner tip fits securely and snuggly inside the cup.
How do you put the Tip back in the cup?
The exterior tab needs to be lined up with the cup opening and is to be pressed into the cup.
Are Sani Tips designed for longer fingernails?

Unfortunately, No.  Due to the creation of the tip, it only fits over a short nail.

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